The Boulevard 10: Destin Florida Movie Theater



The new Carmike theatre opened its new branch in Grand Boulevard and named the Boulevard 10. One of the features that make this Destin Florida Movie Theater different from others is that the it features ten big screens. It provides seating facility for total 1,800 people. Some of the highlighted features of the theater are a state-of-the-art “BIGD” auditorium, Ovation Dining Club and premium theatre environment by Carmike’s.

Boulevard 10 offers an intimate and special experience to the people who watching. The movie theatre has wall to wall movie screen, lush leather seats and tables. It isperfect place for night out and date. The Ovation dining club serves premium quality of wine, beers, drink, appetizers and dessert to the moviegoers on their demand while watching movie in Best Destin Movie Theater. You can say Boulevard 10, a movie theatre with a restaurant that serves quality food and drinks to the moviegoers.

There is for the luxury recliners seating for the moviegoers over21 age. You can also plan your next intimate date with your special someone at the Boulevard 10 Destin Florida Theatre.


You can spend a perfect evening or weekend at Boulevard 10 while watching movie you can enjoy drinks and snacks either with your friends, someone special or family.

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Advantage Of Dining At Family Restaurants

If you are planning for family hangout and dinner out somewhere in a restaurant then you must be wondering where to go. Either go to some restaurant that serve food for kids or at the place that serve food to relish the taste buds of adults. Then to clear your confusion you should choose family restaurants in destin, where you can go with your whole family for dinner either during late hours at night. The advantage or the points that make it different from other types of restaurants are:


1. They have a wide variety in their menu. So, everyone from your wife to little kid can easily pick something they love to eat out.

2. Most of the family restaurants serve a special menu for kids with less spices and a small portion of food is served in less price.

3. They also have a separate menu for the adults and they can place their order either spicy or less spicy as per their taste.

4. They also serve food with special offers for member of four or more.


5. They also serve on per plate food bases, in which fix proportion of different variety of food is served to every person.

6. The family restaurant atmosphere is perfect for dining with children. They are free to laugh, shout and enjoy while having their food.

You will find many awesome restaurants in Destin very easily. On most of the streets you will find a family restaurant that serves the local Mexican and American food.

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